Just a swatch post for you! Hope you don’t mind ;) I made this order during Innocent + Twisted’s Tragic Tuesday (the Tuesday following Black Friday) and purchased the 10 bagged samples for $10. Perfect opportunity to try a new company, and one that I was really excited to try.

I’ll be placing an order for some full sizes and more samples next month, so I’ll post a full review then :)

Just a mention, the owner Linda Wan, is a very talented artist! That’s her design on the business card which I’ve used for this post banner, isn’t it terrific? Definitely check out her blog to see more excellent artwork :)

So here are the swatches! :) You know the drill when it comes to my swatches – over detrivore primer, outdoors. Click to enlarge.

Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight

These shades are intensely glittery and shimmery, and my favourites are Grieving Flame, Mystic and Divine, Consumed by Agony and Cardio Blemish :)