Warning: glorious glitter, shimmer and nostalgia overload commencing.

These are swatches of various colours in the Sailor Pluto, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus collections, and I can’t wait to go back and try more sailor scout colours (the vegan ones of course ;) ). This won’t be a review, just a swatch heavy post :)

As an avid fan of the whole Sailor Moon franchise, Victoria has made such BEAUTIFUL and accurate renditions into eyeshadow. Honestly, if you’re a fan, you will see the resemblance between the colours and their namesakes. Sailor Moon (and Samurai Pizza Cats) were the first japanese animes I was ever exposed to. I remember being in primary school, aged 8 or 9, and my friends and I would play sailor moon at recess at lunch. I was always Sailor venus, because when I was younger I had natural blone hair (which thankfully darkened up!!!) and my hair was down to my butt. So there was nobody else I could possibly be..except Sailor Moon…but I didn’t really care for her much, I still don’t to be honest :P My favourites have always been Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. One day I hope to see a Sailor Saturn collection from Persephone Minerals! :) I do prefer darker colours, and those 3 sailor scouts always grabbed my attention because of their colours.

Now onto the swatches :)

All were swatched over Detrivore Eye Primer in Original. Please do click to enlarge the images. You need to see the glitter in these shadows!

Shot indoors, next to a window

Shot outdoors in indirect sunlight

Shot in direct sunlight

My favourites here are Makoto, Princess Pluto and Sailor Pluto. I definitely recommend to use a product like Pixie Epoxy or Darling Girl’s Glitter glue to make sure all these glitters stay where they ought to. The Sailor Pluto collection is definitely a collection I will be getting in full size in time.

All the colours swatched here are vegan, there are however many colours in the Senshi collections which are not vegan (they contain carmine), but I am hoping to have a veganised version of Princess Jupiter in the future as well. Now, I just need to collect the monies to do so *.*