Last night I wanted something to eat where I’d feel stuffed with goodness and the food zinging with flavour. I introduce you to this recipe of fabulousness I found whilst trawling the internet for ideas for what to do with a rather over ripe avocado we had lying around.

15 minute creamy avocado pasta from Oh She Glows

Welcome to my table of clutter and deliciousness :D

This is a completely vegan pasta meal, and I used wholemeal fettucine (we rarely use white pasta in the house, Mr D and I don’t really like the taste of it and prefer the wholemeal versions – plus – all that freaking good fibre!). We’re both basil and garlic fiends so we added extra, and this came out tasting like a creamy pesto sauce :D Seriously need to make this again to have with tortellini. I’m a strict vegetarian ( still consume dairy and eggs – lacto/ovo but avoid products such as gelatine, carmine and any other products which were sourced from a deceased animal – that’s a post for another time!), so I can vouch that this does have the same creamy mouthfeel that a dairy cream would have, of course not the flavour, but the flavour of the avocado is so so mild. You can probably add in whatever herbs you wanted and morph it to suit your tastes. Avocado is such an awesome food, and has so many awesome health benefits, it’s such a shame it’s name means testicles :( Not that there’s anything wrong with testicles, they were needed to create this fine specimen that is myself, but it’s just one of those funny facts which makes me rasie an eyebrow and think who could possibly have nads like an avacado damnit :P Anyway!!!!! Go find your appropriate mind bleach if needed if the last comment has put unwanted imagery into your head :)

All I know is, this food is awsome, is cheap to make, and you should all go make it NOW!