I made an order with Kiss My Sass back in August. I can’t remember how I came across them, probably during one of my internet trawls. Anyhow, I decided to place an order for 5 eyeshadow samples. I chose browns – and looking back, I’m not really sure why I did that :P I much prefer other colours (as I have brown eyes and don’t want my face to look monotonous and sullen with all the extra brown) but I’m happy that I did order the colours I did as they’ve given me some nice surprises.

Kiss My Sass is an indie cosmetics company that has a WIDE variety of products on offer. As of wrting KMS has for sale eyeshadows, lip products, blush, bronzers and eye primer (solid).


Eyeshadow was applied over Detrivore Original eye primer and photos taken outdoors.

Taken in direct sunlight

Photo taken in the shade - indirect sunlight

Here’s a quick look I did with some KMS colours : Enchated and Spellbound. Also Used Geek Chic Cosmetics in Viking King (I wanted to use a golden colour but didn’t order anything suitable from KMS, so went with something from my stash.). This was a very soft and light look for me. Probably something I’d wear when I’m in a rush and was after something neutral-ish. I like the way Spellbound turns a rosey colour, and whilst it isn’t evident from the photo, it does have some green shimmer in there. Very pretty.

Spellbound on the lid, Enchated on the crease and outer V and Viking King on the inner lid/tear duct + inner lower lashline


KMS Spellbound – lid, Enchated – outer V and crease

Geek Chic Cosmetics – Viking King – tear duct/inner lid + inner lower lashline

Australis Lash Magnitude Volumising Mascara – Black

Savvy by DB eyeliner pencil in Smoke (el cheapo brand available from Priceline stores in Australia


Urban Decay Lipstick – Rush


These eyeshadows have been formulated and blended nicely. I did find them not the easiest to blend with however, but they are blendable just that they require some effort on my behalf. There’s a nice range of colours from KMS, and they have vegan colours (but there are non vegan colours which do contain carmine.)


I ordered the sample jars, and they came shrink wrapped – which is a nice touch. You receive 1/4 tsp of product in the sample jar The jars come with a sifter, which I can’t be bothered to remove, so in they stay! The labelling looks very professional and has ingredients listed on the bottom of the jars as well as denoting whether the colour is vegan or not vegan. My free sample eyeshadow came in a deep clamshell plastic container, which also had the company logo on the lid as well as an ingredients list on the underside. I’m not sure if all free samples are sent this way. It also looks like that it has 1/4 tsp of product in it as well. Everything arrived in a padded bubble envelope and included my ordered items, 1 eyeshadow sample (naughty dog), a ticket to the monthly gift voucher drawing, a soap sample, business card and a thank you note.


Sample jars 1/4 tsp of product $2

I ordered 5 jars, so my order was for $10, which at the time I was really frustrated with. I didn’t like that I did not have the option of purchasing samples in bags, and felt like I was restricting my order because  of the pricing of the samples.

Shipping to Australia cost $5.20, and I found the price to be rather steep for sending samples. Albeit I had ordered 5 samples in jars, I have received packages with more content in them for a lower shipping rate. Whilst this shipping rate is still within my price range (I will not pay more than $6 shipping for samples, unless I’m ordering many, MANY samples.) it is on the higher side.

Customer Service

No hiccups in the process, didn’t experience anything out of the ordrinary. Pleasant transaction all around.

Would I buy again? I’m not sure. Whilst I enjoy the colours I ordered, there are many colours in the store which I like but are not vegan friendly (contain carmine). So I’ll have to evaluate the vegan shadows that are offered and compare them. The pricing is a factor which prevents me from making larger purchaes. Whilst I don’t expect every indie store to have bargain prices, who dare would, I feel that with the price of shipping will severely interfere with my buying decision. I only purchased 5 sample jars at received $5.20 shipping, how much will it cost if I buy 10 samples? On the website it mentions this in regards to shipping

We understand shipping may seem expensive.  We use a real-time shipping calculator that adds up the total weight of your order and determines the shipping cost to your zip code.  If you are overcharged by more than $1.00, we will refund the extra!  We also use Priority Flat Rate Boxes whenever possible (and refund the difference) to save you money!”

If I order next time I  will have to contact the store prior and do some research regarding the shipping rates.

**At this time of writing I could not find any samples available on the website. I am going to contact the store and find out if this is temporary or a permanent fixture. If there are no samples available in the future, I am not sure how comfortable I feel about ordering full sizes.   It seems that the site had a problem recently (the site went down and data was lost) , and the owner is trying her best to get all functionality back to the website. She has said that samples will be returning back to the store :)