Another fortnight here, means another order, or thrice, to some indie cosmetic companies! I’ve submitted my orders to 3 companies, Detrivore, Scaredy Cat Cosmetics and Kiss My Sass. All up, I believe I have spent about $50 between these 3 companies, however I know that I am reaching my limit very soon and will be going into a state of ‘no buy’. Which I am sure I will keep to. I can’t leave Mr D to pay for the groceries all on his own whilst I feed my addiction go on a cosmetic shopping spree. These items I am expecting to arrive in 2-3 weeks, and I am hoping I can get a replacement by then to take pics of them :) I still cannot believe my old camera of 4 years conked out on me with what appears to be no explanation behind it o.O Hopefully Mr D. can help me find a suitable i.e cost effective a.k.a CHEAP replacement.Also my Everyday Minerals came in the other day, part 1 of the order anyway, and I find myself not as excited about the order anymore since discovering all these other companies. *shrugs*

I had to declare an emergency situation today, to be honest I’m still traumatised over the event. We are down to our last scraps of tea. Less than a handful of teabags and not even enough loose leaf tea for 1 person. How could we let this happen?! However this means we’ll be able to go tea shopping, and I have a feeling I might just over compensate, you know, due to my fragile state ;) Which means we’re going to have to haul ourself to the closest T2 and Tea Centre, which is both located in the same shopping centre an hour from us by train *sigh* Oh well, I guess I have pokemon white to catch up on.  We would buy online from both of those stores, but to qualify for free shipping you need to spend $60 with T2 and $100 with The Tea Centre. Now, as prominent tea drinkers, I don’t even think we could get through that much tea without it beginning to lose its freshness. So with no free shipping option, the shipping price quoted is less to be desired :/ So, I’d rather spend the $7.80 on cityrail to get to and from the shop + 2 hours travelling time to get the teas. Always doing it for less on a student budget. ALWAYS. Which seems to conflict with my recent cosmetic purchases xD To be fair though, I am buying mineral make up, so it’s going to last me quite a while.

Speaking of doing it less, I placed some stuff on lay-by last night :D Put on some games for my 3ds – Zelda : The Ocarina of Time and Sonic Classic Collection – which has 4 of the true classic Sonic games, and also put on various clothes. On the subject of games, I really need to increase my Wii games collection. I currently have the grand total of 3 games, and really I only have 2. Why? I walked out of Big W with the empty game case, because I forgot to stop by the games counter and ask the person to grab the disc out of the drawer for me *facepalm*  So I’m going in tomorrow to get the game. Also over the next few months I’m hoping to get more games via , because seriously I am not paying $88 for Mario Galazy 2 from Big W when they’re selling it for $45 :/

This is the little buggar I didn't take home. Hey, the lego games have awesome ratings..shut up.