This is going to be a very brief post, as I don’t have any pictures to accompany this, nor will this be a review, I’ll probably do that for another time. Just wanted to share the excitement! xD

This is a first on so many levels. Not only is it my first time ordering anything with the acclaimed cosmetic senstion that is Fyrinnae, but it’s also my first time trying one of their cult favourite products, and an item I have been ever so keen on trying, it more than likely needs no introduction: Pixie Epoxy.

I couldn’t help myself. As soon as I opened the pretty skull tissue paper (definitely saving that for a rainy day) I was already going through my box of shadows and going nuts. I felt as if I had joined some sort of super cosmetic club the second I started swatching my hand and comparing the difference this little tube of wonderfulness provides. Also to my delight they threw in a sample of Polar Bear eyeshadow. So this is also my very first Fyrinnae eyeshadow. I just really haven’t gotten around to ordering shadow samples from them. Lately I’ve been going on a rampage with samples, and feeling slightly slack with the fact that I am ordering 10 samples from various companies. Slack in the sense that it must be so very annoying filling little plastic zip lock bags with sample sized amount of product :( Anyhow, this little parcel certainly made my day.

Speaking of cosmetics and parcels, I’m waiting on 2 parcels from Everyday Minerals, which I hope are arriving sometime this week. They ought to anyway :/

Later taters!